• About 5 Star Solutions

    We're a family owned company based in the North East of England offering commercial services covering, for example: commercial networking, electrical product installations, service contracting

    Digital Services
  • Interactive Displays

    Perfect for meetings and group projects in schools and educational establishments

    Interactive tabletop displays make it easier to share information with colleagues

  • High Street Technology

    Providing extra information to shoppers and store visitors can help create a dialogue that can lead to additional sales by providing information on alternative choices, colours and sizes
    Window display monitors and interactive stations conected wirelessly or installed as part of a network

  • Ordering Systems

    We install the network and access sytems that help connect front-of-house with order processing and order fulfillment to make the whole process easier and help manage stock control too
    This can help relieve some of the pressure on busy staff

  • Office Installations

    Digital media installations in offices and call centres to provide a focal point for latest company news and general background information