• Networking Systems

    Installing and maintaining Hardware for Computer Networks

Networking Systems

  • Network Connectivity

    Computer-Printer-Communication systems make up the information and strategic nerve centre of most small, medium and large organisations. Their information systems need to be connected and have the facility to increase in scale as the organisation grows

    Reliable wired connections and routing systems for the network hub and need to be maintained for effective communication between systems

    We can install and maintain the network infrastructure that help organisations functions

  • North East Intranet Solutions

    We can provide the engineering support to help maintain the networking hardware and software systems that help with he smooth running of most organisation

    Cable and wireless systems can be integrated to run side-by-side and we offer engineering services for local installation and support

    • System Health Checks
    • Replacement of Faulty Hardware
    • Upgrading Network Performance
    • Addition of New Systems/li>
    • Extending Local Area Networks
    • Checking System Integrity
  • Cable Installation

    New systems will usually need the integration of a reliable cable system

    We can assist you engineers with system set up and hardware integration

    We can be onsite same-day when problems hit and help minimise down-time while offering diagnostic testing and parts replacement