• Delivery and Set Up Services

    Looking for small and large partnerships clients

White Label Engineering Solutions Across The North East

  • Systems Delivery, Installation and Support

    5 Star Solutions is based in the North East of England and provides Audio-Visual delivery and installation services on behalf of large regional and national organisations looking for local installation engineers providing a reliable route to systems installation and package removal

    We don't just cover TV, Aerial and Satellite installation but install networked commercial systems too for digital signage, CCTV and reception areas

    Once a system is installed we can provide ongoing service and maintenance backup

  • Service At A Distance - Logistical Solutions

    We help take the hard work out of handling service-at-a-distance logistics by becoming the local engineer for contract and day-rate installation and maintenance solutions across the North East while acting on your behalf

    Here are some of the services we offer

    • Network Connection
    • Digital Signage
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Integrated Reception Solutions
    • Projection Systems
    • Public Service Multi-Monitor Displays
    • Package Removal
    • Service Support
  • White Label Engineer Services

    We realise that many organisations need engineers throughout the country and don't always have the manpower or resources to efficiently manage installations and service backup

    We provide a "White Label" alternative to sending your engineers to the North East, covering mileage and accomodation costs and avoiding the delays that occur due to long-distance travel

    As local installation and maintenance engineers we can act as ambassadors for your company by providing Audio-Video, network and wireless media installation on your behalf to integrate seamlessly with your organisation